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About Us

Our Purpose

Aiming to transform today’s challenges into future opportunities.Currently, the government is aiming..
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Being the best business partner in the region.

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We seek to contribute as a third partner to our community prosperity …
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Core value

Trust, Transparency, Teamwork, Sustainability, Integrity , Prosperity
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CEO Message

Since its establishment, Waves Holding has played an integral role to create a competitive sustainable value for its customer and within its core operations to enhance trust, integrity and outstanding performance over all the services it provides. Waves Holding adopts a balance strategy to support project management, improve main operations, and support services for our stakeholders to enrich the partnership mission among different dynamic sectors of business ecosystem. Waves Holding aims to create future business opportunities for seekers, as it believes in the vital role that it plays for the local community prosperity and growth.

The scope that Waves Holding serve, covers different sectors such as project management, feasibility studies, design, trade, fashion, maintenance, art, media and marine industry. Waves Holding has currently started a number of projects to activate these sectors, attract entrepreneurs to initiate these projects and to lead them.

Waves Holding is moving forward in setting subsequent directions in developing more future demanded opportunities for businessmen and inspiring new business ideas.

Shamsa Al Mheiri

The CEO & Founder


Business DNA

  • Waves Holding relies on a unique model to ensure business continuity with high efficiency through the linkage between governance frameworks and operational processes, which can optimize the accountability within companies through the organizational culture.
  • Waves Holding seeks to achieve the goals and turn them into operating processes that follow safety procedures, the quality management and documentation framework to ensure continuous improvement, development of operations and achieve pioneering position through maintaining outstanding performance.
  • Waves Holding follows the PDCA cycle management method to sustain the quality standards in performance and integrated continuous improvement in our products and services.

Value Proposition

  • Our value proposition is the most important element of our overall business model branding. It inspires “why people are contacting us to serve their business success and sustain its growth?”
  • What makes Waves Holding distinctive, is its agility and adoptability toward the macro trends in our ecosystem and smoothly dealing with challenges around us.
  • Waves Holding aims to be the community that you will belong to, as you will find the matching team who cares about your prosperity and growth.


Quality Policy


We are committed with our Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure continuous improvement in businesses; process timely controlled and deliver integrated high quality services in accordance with internationally known best practices to achieve the highest standard of offering the best services to our partners and contribute to their continuous success and growth by complying with:


Organizational Structure