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Business Perspective

Business Waves associates with a group of professionals whom role is to assist our partners and client in wide variety of specialties to operate in business environments in more efficient way. We conduct researches to evaluate the current situations of your business, review the market trends locally and globally that could affect the business sustainability, and define the best practices as a benchmark. The opportunities as well will be defined that surround the business to help our clients to develop a strategic growing plan to overcome the challenges and gain competitive advantage. We provide high-quality services with wide variety of tools, expert and refined methods best fit your business to satisfy each of our client’s specific needs.

Business Waves is committed to provide innovative and fully integrated industry-focused business to actively exceed our client’s expectations in the most creative way and help business entrepreneurs to improve their business portfolio, processes and performances. We aim to continuously satisfy the needs to ensure the best ever company performance and sustainable business relations with our partners.

Business Waves purpose is to provide a complete range of industry-focused business solutions with excellence, forming a bridge and trustworthy network among the stakeholders and help them improve their processes and performance with exceptional quality, service and value. We also aim to set an efficiency benchmark in the service industry, by a flexible framework, customized according to current market condition, to render our services in order to optimize best results out of it. We continuously strive for excellence, authenticity and reliability to ensure the trust and loyalty of our respected clients. Company growth, sustainability and pioneering remain our constant ambitions.



In today’s environment small and medium sized businesses need every conceivable advantage to stay competitive. Many small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s) are limited in their ability to receive comprehensive management and strategic consulting services that many large enterprises can obtain.
The growth and development of any business merely depends on:

  • The comprehensive understanding of business
  • Changing market dynamics
  • Growing competition
  • Trending and ongoing adaptation to technologies
  • An efficient & well- trained team that shares and works by living the organization core values and achieving their organization vision and mission



Small businesses are privately owned corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietorships which are commercially operating and are in growing stage. Business Waves offers complete array of management consulting services including organizational restructuring, process re-engineering, HR manuals, drafting Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), growth planning and increasing revenue streams with cost minimization assuring high quality and excellence are maintained.

Strategic Planning &

Strategic plans aim at developing roadmaps that navigate organization’s radical / positive change, which support long term sustainability and prosperity. A “strategy” defines the change by aligning all activities, efforts, resources, operations and values, that eventually drive financial results for maximum benefit.

Business Growth &
Performance Consultancy

Increase your company’s revenue and net profits by having a complete business checkup.
Business consultancy and advisory services available to enhance the overall performance for all startups as well as established companies on the following areas of expertise:

  • Financial Advisory & Management Services
  • Operational Management Consultancy
  • Retail Management and Consultancy
  • Working Capital Management
  • Funds Management
  • Risk Analysis & Investment Advisory
  • Cost Management & Advisory
  • HR Management and Policy Formulation

Business Incubation


Business incubators are equipped to creating a collaborative environment where under-resourced members have access to the space and services needed to build or grow a successful business. Incubators also facilitates the start-up firms and small businesses with an entrepreneurial environment, professional network, competent mentors and critical resources to develop and grow successful businesses. We prepare the businesses to increase their chances of acceptance in a successful business incubation program of leading firms with proven business graduate history.

  • Corporate Bootstrapping
  • Business Counseling & Coaching
  • Fund Raising Preparation
  • Business Management Consultancy
  • Corporate Profiling & Branding
  • Marketing & Advertising Consultancy
  • Infrastructural Development
  • Corporate Verification & Due Diligence
  • Business Profile, Proposals Contracts & Drafts
  • Regulatory Requirements & Approvals Consultation

Business Acceleration


In the acceleration program, the startup gets access to expertise and resources form venture capital firms such as mentorship, marketing study, feasibility study, technical consultation, new sales channels, and financing.
We provide full training and consultancy for the startups to prepare and improve their investor’s pitch and get the investors feedback and funding as well. outstanding features of business acceleration consultancy are:

  • Mentorship
  • Consultation
  • Network
  • Strategic Development
  • Access to Angel Investors and VC Firms
  • Fund Raising

Convert your passion

into profession

Have a business idea, but don’t know how to transform it into a business?
Planning to launch your startup, but don’t know where to start from?
Have a business or product and need to expand? but don’t know the market or don’t have sufficient time and energy?

Our business partner & co-founder program is carefully crafted to fill the gap and strengthen the entrepreneurs like yourself to achieve the business objective.We become the partner & co-founder and do all the subordinate work done-for-you by sketching a strategy roadmap, to help you organize for growth and scalability.

We develop and execute go-to-market strategies and as value-added deliverable, we do all heavy lifting whether it is an idea validation, market study, business planning and launching, legal and regulatory work, or creative brand development.We have learnt the business vernacular over the time and experience, and capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization; including but not limited to:

  • Idea validation & business launch
  • Analyze latest market trends
  • Enhance the overall business performance
  • Beat the competition
  • Better market positioning
  • Ready for incubation and acceleration
  • Investor ready and fund-raising preparation
  • Exit strategy

How It


We accept entrepreneurs and startups from all the domain and verticals of the market, unlike most business accelerators and incubators who only focus on tech startups with capital funding.

  • Submit your idea
  • Our business analysts review the application
  • Once approved, we start working on your idea
  • We take care of intangible assets and prepare the business to launch
  • You run and manage the business
  • We take minor stakes in equity and continue helping you grow your business

Build (Create)

Once the idea is selected, we build the business from the scratch and take care of all the major aspects of idea validation and business launching. We invest in your business, so you can focus on the main business.

Brand (Communicate)

Once the business is launched, we do all planning and execution to make your business as a Brand and create all necessary documentation, manuals, processes, policies and procedures to provide standardization to the clients.

Boost (Connect)

Once the business is prepared and ready to generate returns, we hand it over to you so you can take care of your business, and we keep monitoring the overall performance of the business to boost the growth and expansion.