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Echo system for your art platform, design gallery, events, stop shop all what artists would need to explore their talent or even to transform their art work into a business generating concept, by investing in connecting the potential partners to introduce the art work into a trademark opportunity.

Supporting society talents’ to develop sense of commitment toward our artists and potential talents engagement in our art echo system. Relying on building network of similar interested partners is essential to serve the core of our mission by enhancing our city, Abu Dhabi, as the capital of art. Art Waves aims to enrich the economy with the right art partners leveling up the living style of different community members, on one hand, and developing a mature echo system, well known globally, for art to extend and expand, attracting the international artists to our city, who are active in developing the right community to incubate the talents internationally, on the other hand.

We are aiming to host and introduce awards relevant to international Art from different schools. Managing such events are excelled within Art Waves with its international and regional expert jury member.

We reinvest the success in art echo system in fertilizing innovation in business environment.

Please fill the form given below to initiate protecting your idea/ project ownership, and explore partnership opportunity to escalate your project in the market.

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